Jarvis Cocker perplexed in Morrisons


things we NEED in the next animal crossing game:

  • more storage space
  • more pattern space
  • a choice where villagers put their houses
  • being able to talk to other players via the mic
  • allowing more than 3 people into your town at one time
  • being able to choose different skin colours 
  • different body types would be cool too

I have finally found an entrance. It’s in Bally’s Casino in Las Vegas. My life is about to change forever


I have finally found an entrance. It’s in Bally’s Casino in Las Vegas. My life is about to change forever




"Leruhi-san" Niigata prefecture, Japan.


Fun little trick I learned in therapy: validation. When someone is upset, don’t try to fix the problem, point out the cause, or tell them it could be worse. Just validate their emotions. Be like, ‘shit yeah man, that sucks. I’m sorry you’re going through that. I’m here for you.’ That’s literally all you have to do to make them feel better. Thank you and goodnight.


100% ART


100% ART




I thought of an idea for the future: whenever you’re getting pulled over or approached by the police, automatically start recording on your phone. Put your phone down or whatever, but keep recording.

there’s an app for that called Stop and Frisk Watch app. The video goes directly to the NY Civil Liberties Union..http://www.nyclu.org/app



Pink & white crew B)


Pink & white crew B)


in response to the calls for boycott against gofundme for refusing to remove the fundraiser supporting racist killer darren wilson, i would like to encourage people who wish to support my surgery fundraiser to donate via paypal (my email address is rebeka.refuse@gmail.com). 

any donations sent via paypal (or bitcoin, or any other third party method) will be recorded on my fundraiser page but gofundme will not receive any fees from these donations

thank you


If you’ve been keeping up with what the media is saying about Darren Wilson, you may have read this article that claims he suffered a blowout fracture: a fracture of one or more bones surrounding the eye. Here is a screencap from the article of “Darren Wilson’s” CT scan….

i run once after searching for a scorpion for over an hour and one immediately pops up and goes for me. typical


well there’s an offer i can’t refuse


well there’s an offer i can’t refuse

this bird just does not care

"this wasn’t a pleasant occupation, they were not pleasant imperialists"

idk what you’re driving at, pretty liberal history tutor on Khan Academy, but, from how i understand it, “pleasant” imperialism and #colonialism don’t hecking exist


Someone with an IP address sourcing to the House of Representatives just edited the Orange Is the New Black Wikipedia page with the telling summary of “not a woman.”

That’s right, this Congressman edited out a sentence hailing the show for including “the first ever women-in-prison narrative to be played by a real transgender woman.”  What did he replace it with?  Hate speech.

The Congressman called Cox a “man pretending to be a woman,” and linked to an offensive article by National Review Online aptly titled “Laverne Cox Is Not a Woman.”

The change has since been reversed and the IP address has been banned from editing Wikipedia for a month, but you can see the original edit he made in the link above.

The change was spotted by a Twitter bot which tweets out links any time a Congressional IP address edits Wikipedia.

Spread this like wildfire.

(articles on The A.V. Club, Yahoo, and NY Daily News)